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Windows 10 Pro Key: Function, Activation, Purchase Tips And More!

Microsoft has been lauded for what it has managed to offer with Windows 10, and more so because Windows 8.1 was a major failure in many ways. If you are planning to use Windows 10, you should know that there are two basic versions of the OS. The Home version is ideal for noncommercial and personal use, while the Professional or Pro version is great for office and professional use. To use any version of the OS, you need a product key.

In this post, we are discussing more on how you can buy and use Windows 10 Pro Key.

About product keys

For the longest time, product keys have been standard thing for Windows, and this time too, Microsoft wants to ensure that every version of the OS is legitimately used. Think of Windows 10 product key as a license to the use the OS, and you can only use one key for one system or computer. While downloading and installing Windows 10 is not much of a problem, you have to use the key, to use the full stack of features that Microsoft has on offer. The Professional version offers a lot more features for professional needs as compared to the Home version.

Buying and using Windows 10 Pro key

You can choose to buy the Pro key from Microsoft’s store, but if you want to save a tad more, check the official partners and websites that sell genuine keys for a lot less. These vendors work with resellers and buy retail keys in bulk, so you can expect a genuine Windows 10 key with all the support required for activation. To activate Windows 10 Pro, install the OS and go to the “Update & Security” tab in the Settings section and enter the key. This is a simple, onetime process, and you will continue to get updates from Microsoft as and when available, without paying more.

More things worth knowing

While genuine Windows 10 keys always work, make sure that you are buying the right key. The price for the Home version is lower, but you cannot use the same key for Windows Pro version. Also, always ensure that you are making transactions on a secure website, which has an encrypted connection. Once the payment is made, you will get the key at the email ID that you have registered with the concerned service/website.

Activate Windows 10 Pro now!

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