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Decoding Windows 10: Shortcuts, Product Keys and More!

Microsoft knew the grave mistakes that it made with Windows 8.1, which is why it brings back the classic charm of the OS with Windows 10. Windows 10 was launched in 2015, and for the first year, those who were using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 could upgrade for free, but not anymore. Today, Windows 10 is one of the better versions of Windows, and in this post, we are taking a look at various aspects, such as buying keys, Windows 10 best shortcuts, and more.

Installing and activating Windows 10

To use Windows 10, you need to download and install it on your computer, and until this point, everything is free. However, to activate Windows, which is a must with Microsoft products, you must get a key. There are three different versions of Windows 10 – Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstations, and you need a key for the version you have installed. You can find it online from Microsoft’s official store or from third-party vendors at a discount. If you are buying online from such vendors, just check if they have a moneyback guarantee, in case the key doesn’t work. From the Settings section, select the ‘Update and Security’ section and use the keys to activate Windows 10.

What are the best shortcuts on Windows 10?

The Windows Key offers access to the Start Menu in one go. Additionally, to open File Explorer, you can press Windows Key + E, while for closing the virtual desktop, press Windows key + Ctrl + F4. Press Windows key + PrtScn to capture a screenshot, and use Windows key + S keys together to initiate the search function. To add a virtual desktop, press Windows key + Ctrl + D. To hide to show the desktop, press Windows key + D. To lock your computer, press Windows key + L.

Things to note

Windows 10 pro version does come with a few extra features and elements as compared to Windows 10 Home, especially in terms of security and a special Business Store. The version you need depends on the use. Windows 10 is also designed for gaming, and we found it to be swift and much more intuitive. Once activated, you can get all updates on the OS for free and there is no need to pay again for using Windows on the same computer. Note that one product key can be used on one computer only.

Download and install Windows 10 now!

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